As much as I am excited about the new Guild Missions content, I also have several concerns…

  • like the guild tech level requirements for each one… my guild has everything fully upgraded in Sorrow’s Furnace, but the majority of use moved to Jade Quarry recently. Luckily there’s a few officers who are still on Sorrow’s Furnace and queue the upgrades. With that, I wonder how our guild guesting there will work.
  • the gear grind feel… as much as I always want to deny it, slowly it’s appearing new stuff is becoming that way. Assuming this would have a direct affect on smaller guild who do not gain massive influence. Honestly I don’t want to feel new content being gated, and at a high level to boot.
  • PVE content requiring the PVP upgrades? I don’t know what Anet was thinking there. When queuing upgrades in Jade Quarry, Art of War was on the back burner because we want to finish off the PVE stuff asap as a good handful of us actually does WvWvW. This too would affect smaller guilds or ones entirely PVE focused. I feel, maybe they kind of want to force players to do more WvWvW.

I had other stuff, but they’re similar to what was said on the thread. Anyways, go voice your opinions on the thread! Hopefully Anet will listen carefully and provide the content that everyone should experience and be content with.

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