Guild Wars 2 Personal Achievement - Master Crafter

I took a detour on my world adventure and finished off all the crafting professions. I used 4 characters in total as it was free levels for my other 3 alts.

  • Kirixion Beifong (Elementalist) - Artifice, Tailoring
  • Solari Dawn (Guardian) - Cooking, Weaponsmith
  • Nino Arakawa (Thief) - Jewelry, Huntsman
  • Akibimi Asama (Ranger) - Leatherworker, Armorsmith

You can say my account is now self sufficient in terms of I don’t have to buy any equipment from the Trading Post or ask anyone to craft something for me. It was quite a money sink but will pay off in the long term.

Even though I’m maxed out there’s a ton of recipes to discover! Anyways if you’re on Sorrow’s Furnace feel free to send me a whisper if you need anything crafted [If you have the materials :) ] . I don’t mind doing it free of charge but will have to do it when I’m not busy :D

This post is posted on Friday 21 September 2012.
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