We could tell Arenanet spent the last week working diligently on optimizing the game. The graphics look cleaner and the fps were higher on average for all settings. However there were several areas that glitched the fuck out.

Playing wise, we’re still not convinced a dual core processor (mainly talking about the older generation ones) will cut it if you’re planning to do a lot of WvW, sPVP or even join a really heavy populated server. Even with all the settings low and cutting the animations, the calculations for the amount of bodies present in the screen will bottleneck your cpu. Unless you don’t mind stuttering, significant fps dips or your cpu running at 100% in a heavily populated area, a small upgrade would be recommended. Still, it’s passable if you’re planning to do mainly play for the story or going to roll on a low populated server.

Aside from that and the minor graphical glitches that we encountered today, with about 2 weeks left until release, this version is probably launch ready.

This post is posted on Thursday 9 August 2012.
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