Tradeshows that ArenaNet will be attending this summer

Some of you have asked which tradeshows ArenaNet will attend this summer, so let me give you an update.

Right now, the entire studio is focused on one thing: the launch of Guild Wars 2 on August 28. As a result, our tradeshow presence this year will be limited. 

gamescom (Aug 15-19) - Members of the ArenaNet Community Team will be at gamescom this year, but unlike last year, we will not have a playable demo of Guild Wars 2. Our booth will be a chillout zone—the calm before the storm—so swing by, say hi, and get free drinks.

Gamestop Expo (Aug 29)- We will be at the Gamestop Expo at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX on August 29 from 11:00 – 16:00. We will have 16 Guild Wars 2 demo stations at the show, 8 of which will be on the Alienware Hummer.

PAX (Aug 31-Sep 2) Since PAX Prime takes place the week of launch, we will not be attending PAX this year. But if you are in the Seattle area, we will have a party on Saturday September 1 to celebrate our launch. We’ll have more information at a later date.

It’s a busy summer for us, and although we’d love to go out in force and meet everyone at tradeshows, I hope you’ll agree that our priorities are in order! We’ll see you in-game

(via Guild Wars 2 Facebook)

This post is posted on Tuesday 7 August 2012.
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