Tyrian Culture: Norn Brawling

Norn respect those who can best them in a fight so brawling among norn is common. Drinking alcohol, often to excess, is also a large part of norn culture. Being drunk and fighting is not an uncommon combination. With that said, today’s little adventure shows that.

While exploring Hoelbrak, I saw something interesting while making my way to Lake Mourn. There were a bunch of Norn men and women fighting! I ran up to them to see what was going on. As I talked to the brawling NPC’s, the overall consensus was that they were enjoying the moment of being drunk of ale and engaging in a good scuffle. And you can see in some of the shots, there are some kegs laying along the lake.

This is a cool way for Anet to “show” Norn culture in action instead of getting the MMO standard; learn things via massive wall of text from spoken NPC. My only complaint is that I, the player was not able to join the jaunty Norn pastime. I wouldn’t mind some uppercutting or drop kicking action!

This post is posted on Monday 4 June 2012.
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